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Talking about ED

Erectile dysfunction, for many men, is a difficult conversation to talk about. The good news is that it is now openly discussed—from the evening news, to commercials with celebrities, to national ad campaigns. For many couples that experience the difficulty of this disease, there is challenging in communicating at a level that allows for treatment. This can often leads to relationship problems. And the quest for a restored and better sex is lost forever.

The Effects of ED

Erectile dysfunction can take an emotional toll on everyone involved. Men suffering from the disease, often go through stages of frustration, lack of confidence, anger, isolation and reduced self-esteem. And it's easy to understand why. Sex sells. It's on the news, advertising and a staple conversation around the water cooler. The first thing a man should do is address his concerns with his partner and doctor. Once ED is in the open, it makes it a lot easier to deal with.

Start the Conversation

It may be a challenge to talk about, but someone has to start the conversation with his or her partner. It may not be easy, but it has to be done. If you're a man, you may want to ask your health care practitioner how to bring up the topic. If you're a woman, keep in mind that a man's pride and self-esteem are often connected with his ability to perform in bed. While this is not always the case, it's a factor that drives the relationship for millions of men and women. No matter who starts the conversation, the goal is to bring it up in a respectful and comfortable way.

Be Supportive and Open

Whenever there's a problem associated in the bedroom, emotions can run extremely high. If you're a man with ED and avoiding your partner, she may get the impression that you no longer find her attractive. Feelings get hurt and the relationship can quickly dissolve. Both of you can begin to feel less intimate and resentment of the other will follow close behind. Discuss the problem in a very open and supportive way. Let the other person know that they are still attractive, and that you care.

Stay Informed

The best thing that either partner can do is to stay informed about ED. There are countless books and websites that offer excellent advice and information on the topic. Realize there are people who have sex in their relationship, but rarely talk about it. Some people are comfortable with speaking slang. Whatever the delivery, make sure it's one that your partner feels comfortable with. And of course, taking medication like generic Cialis can help.

Take a Sex Break

If you 're challenged with ED, it may be psychological. It may be that you need to experience emotional intimacy once again with your partner. It's a fact that many emotional problems have little or nothing do with sexual performance. Emotional problems can arise from anger, anxiety, stress and other relational problems. These can make it hard for either partner to perform, although generic Cialis can help. Communicate with each other!

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