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Generic Cialis can be just effective as its brand-name counterpart. Get the facts on which type might be better for you. Consult with your doctor for additional information.

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Concerned about Generic Cialis? Your health care practitioner can help fill you in on the facts as to whether the generic drug is safe to take.

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What questions surround generic Cialis? Is it safe? It is as effective as the name brand. Get the answers you need to make an informed buying decision.

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Generic Cialis can be a solution if you're faced with the challenges of ED. Consult with your Doctor. Be up front with your partner. Learn more about how generic Cialis can help…

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Comparing Brand Names Vs. Generic Cialis

When men have erection problems, doctors will quite often recommend a pill or drug that can arrest the problem. Erectile dysfunction can cause martial problems and psychological problems that can spill over into other areas of a person's life. If you're a man experiencing erectile dysfunction challenges, it's highly recommended that you consult with a physician before taking any drugs. Some drugs will take effect in as little as 30 minutes. Other drugs may last as long as 36 hours or more.

Cialis is considered to be on the most effective drugs that can combat erectile dysfunction in men. Before you take the drug, you should be aware of certain facts. Many men falsely believe that the drug is some of an aphrodisiac, and that it can immediately cause an erection. This isn't the case. A man still has to be sexually stimulated and aroused for the drug to work. If you had problems in becoming sexually aroused before taking the drug, there's a strong likelihood these problems will continue after taking the medication.

The generic version of the drug deals with male impotence that is generally caused by physiological conditions, which restrict blood flow to the penis area. If there are psychological and emotional problems causing the dysfunction, there's not much that any erectile drug can offer.

Ask Your Doctor

You can discuss the use of the generic brand with your doctor before purchasing the medication. You'll be asked about your personal health conditions and if you're presently taking other drugs. Your doctor may also ask about any psychological conditions that may be hampering your sexual performance. The information you provide your health practitioner will help determine if the drug is safe for you. If safe, he or she can also prescribe the recommended dosage and when to take the drug for maximum effect.

Your doctor may advise that there is no reason to take the drug on a regular basis. He or she may suggest you take a dosage 15-20 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. Alcohol is prohibited when using the drug.

Brand Name Vs. Generic Cialis

By law, generic Cialis must contain the same active ingredient as its brand-name counterpart. This allows the generic brand to piggyback on the original safety trials of the brand product. However, the truth is that generic drugs are comprised of different chemicals that can be absorbed in the body. It's possible for generic drugs to absorb chemicals as much as 25 percent above that of an original brand drug. Ask your doctor to bring you up to speed on the facts.

Manufacturers can sell that address erectile dysfunction cheaper, because there is no great expense in developing and marketing a new drug. When new drugs arrive on the market, companies have already spent money on research, development and marketing. A patent is given that has an expiration date. Once the patent expires, other manufactures can create generic versions of the drug. Your doctor may give the thumbs-up on a generic version and you may be able to tuck away a little change in your wallet.

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